The Domes of Edirne

There are three major mosques in Edirne. The oldest, the Eski Cami, dates from 1414. In 1447, the Ucserefeli Cami, the Mosque with Three Galleries, appeared nearby. Finally, the Selimiye Camii, 1569-75, is the largest and most notable of the three. Its architect, the famed Mimar Sinan, declared that this was his favorite building though he had also designed the magnificent Suleymaniye Camii in Istanbul.

However astonishing or innovative the arrangement of the courtyards and fountains, however interesting the solutions for supporting the domes, however beautiful the vast sweep of carpets designed with the Entry to Paradise or the Garden of Life, it is the domes that hold sway in the imagination. So here is a gallery of domes and medallions from the three mosques in this once-upon-a-time capital of the Ottoman Empire.

[Do note that the quality of each picture improves if you scroll to the bottom of the slide and click on View Full Size. It takes a moment to load, but gives a finer sense of detail. In this mode, you can also see an enlargement of any portion of the slide.]

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