In With the New, In With the Old, Part II

The pictures in this gallery show some of the main, monumental structures in Ephesus–the Celsus library, the great theatre, the Agora, the marble main road that leads down to the city center. The gallery also holds pictures of fragments from the monuments that have been carried to Vienna and been restored. The main interest here is the series of frieze panels memorializing the Roman victory over the Parthians. Like the ruins of the library, these fragments were strewn over the the whole landscape of Ephesus–a city of 300,000 people. Many of these shards had been torn from earthquake-damaged or otherwise collapsed buildings and reused to build new homes and shops, thereby vastly complicating the job of recognizing and re-assembling the pieces into the friezes we see here in Vienna.

Is it a wholly invidious comparison to suggest that the archeologists at Ephesus were somewhat more respectful, scientific, and culturally aware than Mr. Elgin who removed the Parthenon friezes in a different manner?

One thought on “In With the New, In With the Old, Part II

  1. Peter, Your photos are fantastic, as seen from Fitzwater st. on a hot, but blessedly not raining, Saturday afternoon. You are have ing quite a trip! Nancy ________________________________________

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