The Postlude First: Evening-Fall at the Angkor Wat

Watching (often through my viewfinder) the six thousand visitors who thronged to the Angkor Wat today, I’d guess that 2,400,000 photographs were taken between dawn and sunset. I mean this as a kind of apology because, even after such a fascinating day and such an overweaning wish to send out picture after picture with full commentary, I can’t comply with my own desires. There are too many pictures to sort through, edit, contextualize, scrutinize, summarize. Besides, after three temples and lunch with a village family, all undertaken under a fearsome sun and within a drowning humidity, I’m too tired.

I’m hoping you’ll settle for a small dozen pictures, all of the same subject.

We camped this evening on the moat wall many hundreds of yards from the Angkor temples. We’d hoped for a blazing sunset which, I’m told, brilliantly alters the colors of the triple towers. We got instead wonderfully shifting clouds and the relentless setting of an invisible sun that, as it went dark, held the towers in a kind of deep thrall. Maybe the shifts of light and cloud from one picture to the next will please you. If not, I can always say, “You should have been there.” I would have been terribly pleased had you sat there, too.












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