True, Orestes murdered his mother, and true, he was driven round the world by the Furies whose demand for blood revenge drove him mad. These are not good qualifications for taking his name as a writer’s alias. But generally unnoticed by the weavers of legend is that Orestes was the consummate traveler—intent, invisible among the local inhabitants, ever moving to a music only he heard. And, finally, he ends at the original seat of justice, defended by Apollo and judged by Athena, the first man whose life is defined by law.

Orestes failed to write about his wanderings, nor did he photograph the landscapes, architecture, characters, dramatic scenes he witnessed. Now he can.

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  1. Hi Peter! Just discovered your blog and subscribed to it. Orestes, you say? Hmm… So, you didn’t kill your mother, you say? Was it that bad to leave the LA? Well, hope you have good travels!

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