The Purification of Orestes

I am interested in travel writing and photography. I write anecdotally, dealing in gossip, story telling, politics, art, music, observations from sidewalk cafés, memory. My photographs follow a similar idiosyncratic course, zooming in on unsuspecting prey on a city square, drawing back to capture the entirety of the Acropolis. Often the photographs complete the story, or help me invent one.

Besides recording my travels, I am also interested in the influence of Orestes and his family stretching back from Agamemnon and Atreus back to Tantalus and even Zeus. Indeed, it seems to me that the legend of the House of Atreus is an archetypal story of Western culture, one that is told and re-told in every generation in every art. From time to time, my travelogues will reflect on the legend. I may describe or review books and other art works that borrow the Atreus legend in order to interpret our contemporary world.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Your journey like all our journeys continues to begin,, bon voyage. happy trails. Nice story about the origins of the Stamblers somewhere in Spain

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